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Carl Zeiss Warranty Policies and Procedures

All Carl Zeiss cine lenses are covered by an automatic one-year warranty. Proof of purchase, in the form of a copy of an invoice or sales receipt, is required for all warranty repairs.

How to Send In Your Lens for Warranty Service

AbelCine repairs Carl Zeiss cine lenses from our Burbank, CA and New York City facilities. Lenses may be dropped off or mailed to the facility closest to your location.

If you are sending in your lens for service, please download and complete the Carl Zeiss Repair Cover Letter, and include the form with the lens to help us process your repair. If you are dropping off your lens, our Service Administrators can help you complete the form when you arrive. In either case, you must provide Proof of Purchase of your lens, as described above for warranty service.

Carl Zeiss Warranty Policies

Upon receipt of the lens, AbelCine will determine the validity of the warranty claim – whether defects are result of normal wear and tear, which is not covered under the warranty, and if the claim is within the warranty period.

AbelCine, at its discretion, will either repair or replace the lens under warranty. If your lens is not covered by a warranty, we will contact you to determine how you would like to proceed, and no maintenance charges will be incurred without your approval.

Carl Zeiss Warranty Repair Acceptance

Repairs are deemed accepted and complete if AbelCine is not notified immediately after client receipt of the item.

Refusal to accept a repair should be made to the Service Manager or Director of Services directly within 30 days of receipt of the instrument.

Non-Warranty Repairs

For non-warranty repairs, a technician will evaluate the lens and provide an estimate for the service to be performed. AbelCine will charge a fee for this estimate, plus applicable shipping and taxes. This fee will be waived if a service order is placed against the estimate.

Please contact the Service Administrator or Lens Technician in your area to facilitate a repair. You may also contact your sales person directly for questions regarding your Carl Zeiss lenses.

All repairs carry a 12-month warranty from the invoice date of the repair.

Shipping and Insurance

All lenses must be carefully packed for delivery to AbelCine. Lenses for warranty repair must be returned in their original or equivalent packaging.

Insurance of lenses delivered to AbelCine for repair is the responsibility of the owner. The risks of damages or loss are transferred to the client as soon as the lens leaves our facility for return to the client.

The client is responsible for all shipping and handling costs, with the exception of a transfer between AbelCine service facilities. A weekly shipment will be made between our Burbank and New York City locations. At the client’s request and cost, shipping may be expedited between service facilities.

Still Photography and Consumer Lenses

At this time, AbelCine does not repair still photography lenses. Please work directly with Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc. – Photo Division in the US to facilitate repair or replacement of your ZF, ZE or other still lens. Visit our Carl Zeiss Warranty Service Contact page for more information.


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