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Digital Media Services

AbelCine’s Digital Media Services department was created to fill the gap between field acquisition and post-production. We’ve taken our expertise in the tapeless camera world and applied it toward providing solutions for all of the “data” that holds the customer’s master material.

Digital Media Services can take your master material and download, transcode, backup, archive, restore, ingest into Final Cut Pro, output to tape – whatever your project requires. We can also provide recommendations for adapting these best practices into your own workflow.

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Digital Cinema Services

We provide full support for data from the Phantom HD, Phantom 65 and Flex cameras. We offer high-speed CineMag downloads, transcoding to DPX, ProRes and proxy formats; CineMag-to-tape transfers; consultation on production and post workflows, and support of related software and file formats.

We also offer data prep services for material originated on the RED One and recorded uncompressed from the Arri ALEXA and other digital cinema cameras.

Archival Services

We understand that the backup of your data is paramount. To that end, we offer LTO-5 tape backup from hard drives, either as an incremental backup during production or as a complete archive of your finished production, straight from Final Cut Pro. We can also restore your project from any tape backup that we create. We use software that archives your tapes in an open source format, ensuring that the archives will remain accessible in the future.

Digitizing and Final Output

We can capture your tape-based media or transcode your file-based media for use in your Final Cut Pro or Avid environment. We can also output your Final Cut Pro project to tape or final deliverable media such as HDCAM SR.

Data-to-Tape Transfers

We are able to transfer tapeless formats, such as P2 and XDCAM, to any tape format you require: HDCAM, HDCAM SR, DVCPRO HD, Digital Betacam, etc. We have unmatched experience in working with new technologies as they are introduced, including codecs such as AVC-Intra, AVCHD, Sony XDCAM HD 422, ProRes, CineForm and Avid DNX.

Tape-to-Tape Transfers

Our range of tape transfer services includes format conversions (up, down and cross conversion), dubbing and encoding. We are able to convert all major industry formats in house.

Technical Consultation

Whether you need hardware integrated and configured for your camera systems, data management and archiving, or editing, we offer consultation services to make sure that the complete chain of production, data management and post-production have all been carefully considered. Because we represent such a wide variety of manufacturers, you‘ll have confidence that the solutions we offer are driven by your needs and not the technology.


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