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HD Monitor Calibration Services

AbelCine’s service department now offers calibration on a range of HD monitors to the scientific standards demanded by the critical imaging environment of digital cinema production. Our equipment ensures that monitors comply with industry standards – SMPTE, ITU and DCI – so you know that the monitors you rely on meet objective criteria for optimum performance.

Using the CalMAN system from SpectraCal, our ISF certified technicians are able to perform a detailed analysis of your monitor. By checking key specifications, such as luminance, gamma, color space, and color temperature, pre and post calibration, you will gain a full understanding of how your monitor performs.

Our monitor calibration services are currently available for HD on-board monitors, production monitors and computer displays. Click here for a list of all the HD monitors we service.

AbelCine’s monitor calibration services provide a straightforward and affordable way to ensure the image you see on your display is an accurate representation of the recorded image.

Monitor calibration services are provided from AbelCine’s New York and Burbank facilities, or we can come to your location (please ask for a custom quote).

We offer several levels of calibration service to meet the needs of independent owner / operators, directors of photography, DITs and colorists, as well as rental houses, post houses and educational institutions.

Standard HD Monitor Calibration

Our standard calibration service is ideal for freelancers, rental house and institutions that need to know their monitors are performing to industry standards.

The service includes an initial evaluation of the monitor and adjustment of key settings. Gain and white point will be adjusted to REC 709 standards. Color levels, brightness, contrast, gamma, uniformity, sharpness, backlight, color temperature, primaries chromaticity measurements (adjustments vary depending on the specific device) are also among the settings that will be optimized.

In addition to the work performed, clients will receive a detailed report on the condition of their device pre and post calibration.

Standard HD Monitor Calibration costs $340.

Elite HD Monitor Calibration Service

Elite HD Monitor Calibration is ideal for post houses that need their monitors accurately calibrated to reference standards.

In addition to all the services performed in our standard service, monitors calibrated to this level will be profiled to produce highly accurate primary chromaticity coordinates, gamma, and luminance levels for a given viewing environment. The service includes 3D LUT or ICC profile generation, which can be loaded into a video processer (Davio, HDLink Pro, IS-mini, Pandora Pluto, etc.) or supporting monitors for implementation.

Elite HD Monitor Calibration costs $600.

Service Contracts

AbelCine offers service contracts for those clients who want to ensure that their monitors are always performing to the highest standards. These contracts provide service discounts and the convenience of a regular calibration schedule.

Pricing is based on the number of devices enrolled, the service interval, and the length of the commitment period. Please call for a custom quote.

AbelCine offers calibration service for the monitors listed below. Please inquire if your monitor is not listed.


  • LMD Series LCD Displays
  • PVM Series OLED & LCD Display
  • BVM Series OLED & LCD Displays
  • FWD Series Flat Panel LCD Displays


  • BT-LH Series Production LCD Displays
  • TH Series LCD, LED, and Plasma Displays


  • XVM Series Color Critical LCD Displays
  • LVM Series LCD Displays
  • VFM Series Compact LCD Displays


  • V-LCD Series LCD Displays
  • Orchid Series LCD Displays


  • DP7 LCD & OLED Displays
  • AC7 LCD & OLED Displays

Flanders Scientific

  • CM Series LCD Displays
  • BM Series LCD Displays
  • LM Series LCD Displays


For more information on our monitor calibration services, contact:

East Coast West Coast
Jason Zapata Girvan Calder
Service Manager Service Manager
jzapata@abelcine.com girvan@abelcine.com
212-462-0126 818-303-8118

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