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Integration Services

At AbelCine, we have the technical expertise to leverage the power of the latest generation of broadcast and communications tools to help you configure high-quality, cost-effective live production solutions for your traditional studio and stage settings, as well as non-traditional venues, and mobile applications.

We’ll also help you configure hardware and software packages to simplify the shooting, switching, recording, streaming, data transfer, storing and archiving of your material.

We can handle any or all aspects of your project:

& Engineering
Staff Training On-Site Support


We offer the following solutions in a variety of markets including Corporate clients, Houses of Worship, Educational Institutions and Performance Venues.

Production Solutions
We specialize in live production and multi-camera setups. Multi-camera studios and flypacks can be configured with a small footprint and a minimum of extra monitors and processing gear, or expanded to include basic audio components, fiber optics, character generators, graphics, engineering and data stations.

We focus on small to mid-size, 2 to 8 camera studio installations, offering the gamut of camera solutions ranging from full-bodied, pedestal-mounted studio cameras, to high-quality robotic cameras controlled directly from the switcher or separate controllers.

Broadcast and Streaming
We offer flexible and cost-effective solutions to manage the live ingest and playback of video signals, whether you have a single stream or a multi-camera setup. We also design robust fiber networks for data storage and transport.

We offer a variety of options for streaming video. We can assist you with everything from low cost solutions to professional grade encoders as well as on-site support during your broadcast.

Editing and Data Management

We offer the editing and data management components that bridge the gap between acquisition, post, and digital asset management. We supply and configure hardware and software systems for editing and color correction.

We understand the importance of managing and protecting your valuable digital assets. We’ll specify straightforward, scalable solutions based on their compatibility with your existing resources and infrastructure. Our offerings include shared storage solutions, media management systems, archiving hardware, and end-to-end solutions.

Communications Solutions

Today’s communication technologies can bring your team together whether you need to collaborate with colleagues remotely or require a fully functional distance learning environment. High-quality, multi-channel video connects participants with high fidelity and low latency for natural interaction. Reliable performance and interoperability with legacy platforms ensure you’ll be up and running in no time.

Our digital signage solutions allow you to deliver rich content, including HD video, graphics, newsfeeds and social media, across an array of devices. Our systems make it easy for you to manage your assets and plan, schedule and distribute your message.


For more information on our Integration Services and what we can do for you, please visit the Case Studies section of our website, or download this pdf.


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