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Optical Services

AbelCine takes great pride in the high level of optical services we provide our clients. We offer full maintenance, overhaul and repair services, as well as in-depth comparison and testing for a wide variety of professional film and digital cinema lenses, 2/3” HD lenses, as well as third party optical devices and lens adapters

Our expert technicians have assisted with the design, manufacturing and calibration of optical instruments such as the HDx family of products and our shading integration sphere. Both our Burbank and New York City optical departments are fully equipped with the analysis and calibration equipment required to provide sophisticated, factory level service.

Digital, 35mm and S16mm Cine Lens Service

We provide full services for practically all cine lenses in large sensor digital, 35mm and S16mm formats. Services include collimation, projection, cleaning, lubrication, shimming, maintenance, element replacement, element recoating, optical alignment as well as comparative testing, overhaul and reconditioning. We specialize in ZEISS, Angenieux (Authorized Service Center), Canon (Cinema Lens Service Partner), Fujinon, Cooke and Schneider lines.

2/3” HD Lens Service

We are fully equipped optically, mechanically and electronically to offer complete service and repair for your 2/3” lenses. We offer general maintenance, servo calibration, electronic repair, reconditioning, optics replacement and alignment, as well as collimation and projection services. We specialize in and are a distributor for Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux HD lenses.

Camera, Lens Matching and Testing

One key ingredient in the service that we provide for your camera package is the ability to ensure that your camera and lens are working perfectly together. We provide camera/lens shading services to ensure the most accurate results. We can match multiple cameras and provide a variety of scene files to achieve a desired look. We offer flange focal depth adjustment and back focus setting, as well as zoom tracking correction on most cinema and digital cinema cameras and lenses. We also provide analysis services to test and compare lenses and cameras for performance and quality.

Many of these services are included at no additional charge when you purchase a Phantom Flex, Arri ALEXA, Canon C500, Sony F55 or Panasonic VariCam from AbelCine, as part of our Digital Cinema Platinum Prep.

Optical Test Equipment Sales and Training

At AbelCine, we are specialists in supplying and applying the finest equipment in collimation, projection, shading and standardized testing for the professional market.

If your rental house or production facility has the need to evaluate your lenses in-house, we can help. We offer ZEISS MTF machines and Chrosziel collimation and projection equipment, shading integration spheres, test charts and more. We can provide training for your staff on ZEISS and Chrosziel analysis equipment, collimation and flange depth adjustment, sensor cleaning and more, so that you are sure to apply these tools properly.

In fact, we specialize in supporting Digital Cinema shops that are streamlining the quality control and consistency of their cameras and lenses. AbelCine offers a variety of optical assurance and lens maintenance programs that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Carl Zeiss Warranty Service

As the first “Carl Zeiss Authorized Service Partner” in the Americas, AbelCine is the sanctioned Warranty Service Center for all Carl Zeiss cine lenses in North and South America.

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