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AbelCine Lens Maintenance Program

AbelCine offers affordable maintenance coverage to ensure your lenses are functioning properly and delivering their highest optical performance. By checking your lenses periodically and providing necessary cleaning, lubrication and maintenance, our technicians can help your lenses maintain optimal performance, while protecting their investment value.

This program is currently offered on 35mm and large sensor format lenses, as well as ENG 2/3” lens models from the following manufacturers: Angenieux, Cooke, Canon and ZEISS.

The program can be configured to best suit your needs and is offered in either an annual plan or a three-year plan with flexible payment options. Either way, if your lens is covered for a continuous three-year period, you will automatically receive the fourth year for free. This includes the same maintenance coverage, as well as a free overhaul. AbelCine recommends that all lenses receive this overhaul every four years.

Lens Enrollment

Here’s a list of the most popular lenses that we cover. If you don’t see your lens make and model on this list, feel free to inquire if it qualifies for coverage.

Angenieux: Optimo 15-40, 17-80, 19.5-94, 28-76, 45-120, 24-290, 28-340, Optimo DP Rouge 16-42, 25-250, 30-80

Arri / Zeiss: Master Primes, Ultra Primes, Ultra 16 Primes

Zeiss: Compact Primes, DigiPrimes, Lightweight Zooms, Compact Zooms

Cooke: 5/i Primes, S4/i Primes, S4 Primes, miniS4/i Primes

Canon: Cinema EOS Primes, Cinema EOS Zooms, HJ Series ENG Zooms

In order for your lens to qualify for this program, it must meet one of the following criteria.

New Lenses

New lenses purchased through AbelCine are automatically eligible for the program if enrolled within 30 days of purchase and still in new condition.

New lenses not purchased through AbelCine are also eligible for the program if enrolled within 30 days of purchase and still in new condition.

Before enrollment, an AbelCine optical technician will inspect and certify each lens to be sure that there are no pre-existing performance issues that are outside of the factory specifications. If such issues are discovered, you may choose to pay to have those issues rectified upon enrollment, or pay a one hour fee for the evaluation and decide not enroll the lens. Proof of purchase must be furnished to be eligible in this category.

Used Lenses

Used lenses are also eligible for the program. Before enrollment, an AbelCine optical technician will inspect each lens to determine any maintenance or performance issues that need to be addressed in order to bring the lens up to proper like-new specifications. The issues would need to be resolved by an AbelCine technician as a paid service prior to enrollment of the lens into the program.

Service and Support

  • General Maintenance: Lenses can be brought in up to four times per year for a general evaluation, projection, external cleaning and collimation.
  • Annual Maintenance: Once per year, each lens covered is entitled to a full cleaning (internal and external, but not including cleaning within the optical groups and lens barrel), mechanical calibration and firmware updates, if applicable.
  • Fourth Year Overhaul: After three years of continuous coverage, each lens is eligible for a complimentary overhaul in the fourth year. An overhaul is a full disassembly of the lens as necessary for cleaning mechanical function, and re-lubrication. Optical calibration is the final step.
  • Priority scheduling is guaranteed for all lenses enrolled in the program. This means that any general evaluation will be done within 48 hours and any yearly maintenance will be done within one week. Overhauls must allow two weeks.
  • The labor hours required for a front or rear element replacement will be covered under the program up to once per year. Lens elements are not covered under the program.
  • Service plan members are entitled to training discounts from time to time on eligible classes given through AbelCine’s training department.
  • Discounted Rental Protection: If your lens is unusable due to damage or malfunction AbelCine will rent you a replacement lens at 50% off. Based upon availability, AbelCine will provide the lens that best “replaces” the lens that it is covering.
  • If your lens encounters a problem that would be covered under this service plan that AbelCine is not qualified or does not have the ability to repair, we will have this repaired with the manufacturer and pick up the tab, at no cost to you except shipping.
  • AbelCine is not responsible for shipping lenses under any circumstance. This includes instances where the lens may have to go back to the manufacturer.
  • Replacement parts and additional services that are required on a lens that are determined to be a result of misuse, impact damage or other negligence outside of normal wear and tear will be charged at standard rates.
  • Damage or excessive wear and tear due to negligence are not covered under this agreement.
  • The plan is not transferable to any other person or company for any reason.

Types of Plans

  • Choice of one-year or three-year plan
  • Choice of pre-pay or installment plan
  • After three years of continuous enrollment coverage, the fourth year is free.


 Lens Value (US$ MSRP) Price Per Lens
1 Year
Price Per Lens
3 Year
  Up to 5,000   400.   1020.
  5,000 to 10,000   450.   1,147.50
  10,000 to 20,000   500.   1,275.
  20,000 to 30,000   600.   1,530.
  30,000 to 40,000   Inquire   Inquire
  20,000 to 30,000   1,000.   2,550.
  30,000 to 50,000   1,200.   3,060.
  50,000 to 70,000   1,650.   4,207.50

All pricing is per lens. Enroll five or more lenses of any kind and receive 20% off listed pricing.
3-year rates are 15% lower annually than 1-year rates. Payments may be arranged up front or in installments.

Payment Options

Annual Plan

  • Option 1 – One payment to AbelCine. Pricing as above.
  • Option 2 – Applicable to those plans that go into effect simultaneously with the purchase of a lens: one time payment built into your lease or loan.

Three-Year Full Service Plan

  • Option 1 – One payment to AbelCine. Pricing as above.



  • Option 2 – Applicable to those plans that go into effect simultaneously with the purchase of a lens: one time payment built into your lease or loan.
  • Option 3 – Four payments equally divided into four quarters. Total payment is due within one year of signing agreement.


As a Carl Zeiss Authorized Service Partner, AbelCine is the only sanctioned Warranty Service Center for all Carl Zeiss cine lenses in the Americas. We’re also an authorized Angenieux Warranty Service Center, a Canon Cinema Lens Service Partner, and factory trained on Cooke. 


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