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Digital Cinema Optical Assurance Programs

Today’s high-resolution 4K and 2K digital cinema camera systems require complete confidence that the optics in front of those sensors are delivering the highest level of performance possible.

That’s why we have invested in the most sophisticated optical calibration equipment available today, including ZEISS K8 MTF and the only ZEISS K9 MTF system in North America.

Now, we’re making this technology available to rental houses, institutions and equipment owners with our Digital Cinema Optical Assurance programs.

Maintaining the technical and optical quality of your lenses will give you peace of mind, knowing you are providing your clients with the best performing optics possible. This assurance protects your investment in optics, your reputation, and keeps your customers coming back.

Assurance Comes in Many Forms

Depending on your core business, optical assurance may mean something different to you. That’s why we’ve created a range of programs to suit a variety of needs. In addition, we can work with you to tailor a program to your specific requirements.

Digital Cinema Camera System Platinum Prep

When you take delivery of an Arri ALEXA, Canon C500, Sony F55, Phantom Flex / Flex4K or Panasonic VariCam digital cinema camera we will completely evaluate up to five primes or two zooms from your lens inventory. Performed at no additional cost to you, this service is a standard part of our Platinum Prep.

Our 9-point prime check and 13-point zoom check ensures that every key optical and mechanical characteristic of your lenses is checked and verified, so you will have real assurance they are putting the best image on the screen. Once they have been evaluated, your lenses are returned to you with a full report detailing their performance, which becomes part of their permanent service record.

Maintenance and Support Programs

In order to keep your lenses in top condition, we offer a variety of lens maintenance programs, whether you’ve purchased your optics from us or not.

We can provide a quarterly, semi-annual or annual evaluation of your lenses, including checks of back focus, lens element alignment, mechanical performance and rest of our multi-part program.

In fact, whatever level of technical expertise and equipment your company has in-house, we can tailor our services to the degree that works best for you.

These services are also available in the form of annual or blanket service agreements.

Technician Training

If you would like to provide more optical services under your own roof, we can help.

AbelCine can train your technicians to the optical level you require at our Burbank or New York facilities. We’ll share our years of hard-won knowledge to help ensure that you always deliver a quality experience to your clients.

AbelCine also sells a variety of precision optical test equipment, some of our own design and manufacture, which would enable you to offer a higher level of optical service directly to your clients.


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